Resistance Bands

What are they? What are the benefits? How can we apply them to our workouts? Resistance bands come in various sizes, tensions, and colours but they are generally either flat bands or tubular bands/ropes. The first recorded ‘resistant band’ was invented in 1895 Switzerland by Gustav Gossweiler – he later patented his resistance band inContinue reading “Resistance Bands”

“I’ve always felt strong…”

She’d popped up on my Instagram when I searched #strongwomen. I scrolled through tons of selfies, pictures of margaritas and then landed on a picture of a woman, looking strong and confident in that signature gym-mirror-selfie…with two prosthetic legs. Her caption? “Mirror mirror on the wall, I’ll always get up after I fall and whetherContinue reading ““I’ve always felt strong…””

Where it began…

Last year, my husband and I uprooted our whole life. He changed jobs. We sold our house. We moved to another city. All because I found a premises where we could open a small, private personal training and group class gym. I lay awake at night, fretting. What if it didn’t work out? What ifContinue reading “Where it began…”